Case studies

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Case studies

Every day, AXA talks to medical experts, challenges providers, and shares new ideas and information. Here are a few snapshots of how AXA teams across the world managed the cost of claims, while giving members the care they needed:

High risk claims management case studies

Second opinion case studies

  • ‘N', 48, Singapore, Corporate member.

    ‘N', 48, Singapore, Corporate member.

    A revised diagnosis prevented unnecessary pacemaker implementation.
    N, a former physical education student and a physically active army officer, fainted while getting out of bed one morning.
  • ‘M', 47, Dubai, Individual member.

    ‘M', 47, Dubai, Individual member.

    Case management intervention corrects erroneous treatment.
    M, and AXA Member, was a generally healthy, 47 year old man residing in Dubai. He was hospitalised following a severe bout of abdominal pain.

Serious treatment case studies

  • IMCM Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    We managed a case in Spain for a member who was going to undergo a complex spinal procedure.
  • IMCM Customer Care

    Customer Care

    The customer care team handled a case in France where one of our members was diagnosed with prostate cancer which needed urgent treatment.