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Worldwide cover, with personal support at every step.
For brokers

Anticipate your clients' needs

AXA Global Protect is powered by the world's number one insurance brand, the AXA Group. Globally, AXA protects 103 million people around the world. This scale doesn't just mean AXA can buy treatment more cost-effectively. It means they can see the future more clearly. Where smaller companies see isolated cases, AXA sees trends develop on a global scale. They use all this intelligence to look ahead on your clients' behalf, anticipating what they'll need tomorrow.

Get dedicated support at every step

When you work with AXA, you're supported by a dedicated, local account management team. They'll give you whatever support you want in solving your client's challenges, from quotes and tenders, to managing your client's renewals for any AXA health plan.

Stay up-to-date with every development in global health and protection

We'll send you regular communications on global health trends and challenges - from technology to new treatments, so you've always got the answers to any questions your clients might ask you.