For business

Best-in-class care and support, wherever your employees might go.
For business

One membership card. Worldwide support.

Health and protection benefits from AXA give your employees the confidence to work hard and live life to the full, wherever their work takes them. It shows them that your business is serious about their wellbeing. So as well as protection, it gives you a great way to attract the best new talent.

Cut through global health regulations

Cover from the plans offered by AXA Global Protect can replace the hassle of managing different plans in different countries with just one, easy-to-manage contract. So your employees get support that looks and feels the same wherever they go. And your business stays on the right side of any tax issues or fines.

Keeping your premiums sustainable

For 75% of companies, controlling costs is the number one challenge of working across national borders. AXA works closely with providers around the world to negotiate on costs and encourage the best medical treatment paths for members. AXA teams are talking to medical experts, so members get the right treatment. They're reviewing cases, so the right claims get paid, and questionable claims get challenged. And they're sharing new ideas and information, so everyone's cover stays sustainable and keeps up with the latest innovations in health.

Dedicated support from a local team

AXA's cover is always easy to manage. Your single point of contact is your local account management team. They're here to help you get the most out of your cover, from answering any questions you have, to helping you tailor a communications plan to introduce your workforce to the benefits of their cover.